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Setxu Xirau Roig guest at Tribal Design: Almost never!!!

Setxu Xirau Roig is a Catalan artist concerned with everything that surrounds what has been defined under the concept ‘Humanimal’, questioning the relationship and boundaries between man and the rest of the animal kingdom. L’Œil du Chevreuil [The Eye of the Deer] is a project born during pre-pandemic times and later developed as awareness of one’s own identity, seeking to question the artist-museum/gallery-viewer relationship as the ultimate fundamental axes of contemporary Western culture.

This project was initially installed at the MNAC Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, and then exhibited in other art venues, such as galleries, artists’ studios as well as in the context of emblematic examples of Catalonia’s modern and contemporary architecture. Extending its reach, the project was showcased also at La Sorbonne, Paris, where the academic location vested the work with questions about the foundations of the world, knowledge and culture.

Now in Amsterdam, at Tribal Design, Setxu Xirau Roig continues his attempt to bring earlier and opposing concepts into debate again: animal/human, natural/cultural, east/west… These are worlds that are in a seemingly confronted dialogue that seldom takes place, or almost never does: ALMOST NEVER!!! Tribal Design is proud to exhibit his work in combination with recent tribal acquisitions.

From May 23 till September 8.

Vernissage: Thursday 23 May at 17.00 hrs.

Coco Fronsac, merveilleux! 

This years exhibition season at Tribal Design took of with the brilliant surrealistic works of French artist Coco Fronsac from the series ‘Il était une fois, le Merveilleux’ in combination with spectacular tribal objects. Anonymous portraits are painted over in gouache with ancestral masks and strange accessories to form a gallery of surreal characters. The exhibition attracted many visitors during the three months and resulted in the sale of many works and a soon to be published article in the famous art and fashion ZOO- magazine. Still to be admired in the gallery till 11 May


Tribal Design celebrates its 25th anniversary!


Twenty-five years of Tribal Design: from a small but elegant gallery in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in 1998, to a mature space on the Spiegelgracht in the roaring art district of Amsterdam. Twenty -five years of joy in organizing thematic exhibitions and participating in many art fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. But above all: the pleasure of meeting all these fine collectors and collegues with a shared interest in Tribal art. This year we will celebrate this event organizing special exhibitions showing fine pieces of tribal art in combination with modern art, starting with my new exhibition of the Spanish artist Setxu Xirau Roig. You are welcome for a visit!

Tribal Art Fair 2024

Also in 2024 Tribal Design will participate in the Tribal Art fair Amsterdam. The end of October the iconic church building ‘De Duif’ on Prinsengracht will be the epicentre of tribal art in Amsterdam. Twenty-one dealers in tribal art will show their finest pieces. Also, each day, there will be a special programme for visitors, featuring lectures and films. The Tribal Art Fair is popular by collectors and dealers looking for high-end pieces as well as affordable additions to their collections. Also this year, Tribal Design will participate, showing many new and exclusive objects. An event not to be missed by the serious collector! Keep an eye on the website www.tribalartfair.nl for exact data and more news.

Location: De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam.



Tribal Agenda 2024


Civilisations Brussels                                                 5-9 June 2024

Parcours des Mondes, Paris                                     10-15 September 2024

Tribal Art London                                                       October 2024

Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam                                       24-27 October 2024