Exhibitions & events

The Tribal Art fair Amsterdam

For months we kept our fingers crossed. Will the popular Tribal Art Fair in the charming old church ‘De Duif get on this year? The answer was yes! Many collectors, art dealers and other tribal art enthusiasts turned up at the opening to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of people meeting again after a long period, discussing objects with soulmates while enjoying a glass of wine. Many objects changedfrom owner during the four well visited days. Some new participants like Xquisart from Ghent and Christophe Rolley from Paris joined the party. We hope to see you all in October of this year on the next Tribal Art Fair


Tribal Design in 2022

Tribal Design is preparing some interesting thematic exhibitions during the year. In the gallery itself, hopefully, or online. Data and subjects will be announced soon. In the meantime we have already placed over fourty new items on our website. So, keep an eye on this website, not to miss any of these interesting exhibitions and our latest acquisitions.


The Humboldt Forum opens in Berlin

Objects from Oceania, Africa and the Americas, a Japanese teahouse and sounds from around the world: the exhibitions in the new Humboldt Forum offer an eclectic view into the past and present cultures around the globe. Around 20,000 archaeological, ethnological and art-historical exhibits offer multiple perspectives on universal themes of humanity. The first exhibition areas opened to visitors in September last year. The museum will be fully open to the public from summer 2022. Worth a visit! www.humboldtforum.org. 


Tribal Agenda 2022

Winter Buneaf, Brussels.                                           16 till 20 February

Tefaf, Maastricht                                                         pending

Civilisations, Brussels                                                 June

Brafa, Brussels                                                            19 till 26 June

Paris Tribal                                                                   June

Parcours des Mondes, Paris                                     September

Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam                                        29 October till 2 November