Exhibitions & events

Jim Skull guest at Tribal Design

The New Caledonian born artist Jim Skull creates fantastic sculptures in the shape of human skulls. His main inspiration were his travels to New Zealand, Vanuatu, Australia and India. Ritual objects, historical relics and tribal symbols subtly weave their influence into his work. Jim Skull creates his skulls himself out of papier mache and uses various materials as countless colored threads, beads and Murano glass, rope, fabrics and ancient tapa’s that together form a kind of ‘skin’. He shares his view of the skull with harmony and glam and with a soft approach, far from the concept of macabre, and transforming these ‘fetish objects’ into unique collectible shapes.

Tribal Design is proud to exhibit about twelve of his magnificent skulls and a variety of his drawings in combination with recent tribal acquisitions. The exhibition will open on 30 September during the Art & Antiques Weekend (30 September till 2 October) and will be on view till 27 November.


Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam, 27 till 30 October

For the twentieth time the church building ‘De Duif’ on Prinsengracht will be the epicentre of tribal art in Amsterdam. From Thursday 27th through Sunday the 30th of October, the Tribal Art Fair will take place in this friendly and atmospheric location for which the fair is renowned. Twenty-one dealers in tribal art will show their finest pieces. We are happy to welcome new participants Ritual Curious Gallery from Barcelona and Zubek gallery from Düsseldorf. Also, each day, there will be a special programme for visitors, featuring lectures and films. The Tribal Art Fair is popular by collectors and dealers looking for high-end pieces as well as affordable additions to their collections. Also this year, Tribal Design will participate, showing many new and exclusive objects. An event not to be missed by the serious collector!

Location: De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam. More information on www.tribal-art-fair.nl


Tribal Design celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023

Twenty-five years of Tribal Design: from a small but elegant gallery in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in 1998, to a mature space on the Spiegelgracht in the roaring art district of Amsterdam. Twenty -five years of joy in organizing thematic exhibitions and participating in many Art Fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. But above all: the pleasure of meeting all these fine collectors and collegues with a shared interest in Tribal art. In 2023 we will celebrate this event.


Tribal Design and Ed Dukkers

Later in the year, Tribal Design will combine a nice selection of Tribal Art with works by the Dutch artist Ed Dukkers. (1923-1996). In 1946 Willem Sandberg, director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, selected him for the exhibition “Ten young painters”, in which Appel, Corneille and Rooskens, among others, also participated.

As with many at that time, expressionist tendencies can also be observed in Dukker’s work, but soon his work shows his interest in literary, surrealistic themes, in which death, eroticism and ritual are closely intertwined. Keep an eye on our website for data.


Amsterdam Art & Antiques Weekend

Tribal Design will exhibit the work by Jim Skull as a participant of the Amsterdam Art & Antiques Weekend to be hold in the Spiegelkwartier, near the Rijksmuseum. Thirteen galleries will show their collections, all with special thematic topics. An event not to be missed!

30 September till 2 October


20th edition of Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam

What started as a more or less local four-day during party of twelve tribal art dealers on the ground floor of the Duif, has in twenty years developed into an international renowned fair with a substantial number of visitors and twenty-one participants. Tribal Design has been one of them from the first edition and never missed one. Why? Well, because it is close by of course, but the main reason is the good balance between Dutch and international dealers, the enthousiasm of the visitors and the great atmosphere.


Tribal Agenda 2022/2023

Parcours des Mondes, Paris                                       6 – 11 September

Tribal Art London                                                       15 – 18 September

Art & Antiques Weekend, Amsterdam                   30 sept – 2 October

Jim Skull, guest at Tribal Design                             30 sept– 27 Nov

Tribal Art Fair, Amsterdam                                      27 – 30 October

Brafa Art fair, Brussels                                              29 January – 5 February

Winter Bruneaf, Brussels                                          January

Tefaf, Maastricht                                                         11- 19 March