The Yangoru Boiken people live in the isolated southern slopes of the Prince Alexander Mountains in the East Sepik Province of Papuan New Guinea.

The Talipun or Talipoon is one of the most important types of traditional currency for the Yangoru Boiken people, it consists of a fibre mask attached to large sea shell.  The mask is on a custom made stand that allows it to float and be easily displayed on a table or shelf.

The woven fibre masks, often come in different forms that represents important ancestral & or bush spirits that are specific to certain clans.  The shells are a pure wealth object.   These are used to pay for bride dowry’s or compensation payments for land disputes or other occasions where compensations must be paid.  They are still highly valued in the remote communities.

Prince Alexander Mountains, Papua New Guinea.
Shell and vegetable Fiber. 36 x 20 cm. Good condition.

Price: € 850,-