Provenance: Philip and Rosalind Goldman, London

Masks in the Sepik region of northeast New Guinea were not always created to be worn on the face. Many groups create, or created, flute masks, such as this example from the Kopar people who live along the lower reaches of the Sepik River. They served as ornaments for sacred flutes, which were important ceremonial instruments in many parts of New Guinea. These flutes called “Tok Pisin Tambaran” were used in initiation rituals and represented the voices of the spirits.
Wood. Beginning of 20th century.
Cf: Tanz der Ahnen, Kunst von Sepik in Papua Neu Guinea, Philippe Peltier, Markus Schindlbeck, Christian Kaufmann, page 267.
Origin: Kopar people, Lower Sepik River, Papua New Guinea.
Old patina of use. 39 cm x 9 cm

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