Constructed from a gourd, over modelled with clay to recreate a skull image, and decorated with value items such as Conus shell segments, Nassa shells, seeds and cassowary feathers. Biwat/Yuat, New Guinea. Used for ceremonial inauguration of young men. 62 cm

Provenance: Originally bought from a New York Gallery, circa 1950
Ian Auld, English Antique dealer (Camden Passage, London)
Karsten Sejr Jensen collection, Copenhagen
Alex Arthur, Brussels
Steffen Patzwahl, Belgium

Exhibited and Published Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Oceania, Kunst from Melanesien, 1991, Registrated in "Louisiana Revy, Argang no 1, no 320

Lit: Gianinazzi, Claudio, Giordano, Christian, 1989 "The Serge and Graziella Brignoni Collection, Culture Extrauopee, edition Citta di Lagano

Price:  € 2.800,-