Oldman, W. O. (William Ockelford), 1879-1949, started as a dealer in ethnographic art in London in 1901. Between 1903 and 1913 he published monthly lists with prices accompanied with original prints.

William Oldman was definitely among one of the largest dealers of tribal and ethnic arts who ever lived, he ran his business in London, and was most active between 1890 and the end the First World War. An incredible wealth of articles from all regions of the world passed through his hands, including any artistic and ethnographic objects of art treasures made in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Melanesia, Polynesia, Pre- Colombian and Indian cultures of NorthAmerica and Europe. Oldman was also a great collector himself. He was particularly interested in the art of Oceania. His dramatic personal Maori art collection, some of them shown here, was sold to the Government of New Zealand in the 1930s, and is now the cornerstone of their museum collections.

Collection of different original prints, framed. 18 x 23 cm

Price:  €  75,= each.