Provenance: Bischop Karl Hesse of the Hiltrup Mission, Germany

The Central Baining people practice both day dance and night dance rites. The night dance, a nocturnal performance lit by firelight is accompanied by a male orchestra and dedicated to spirits, animals commodities associated with the surrounding forest, which are represented by the Kavai masks. The day dance, accompanied by an orchestra of women is devoted to female fertility, agriculture and the mourning of the dead, phenomena typically associated with the community. This type of mask is a day dance pole mask. Pole masks are carried on poles balanced from the top of a cone on a dancer's head. Cf: Baining Life and Lore, Karl Hesse

Baining Country, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
This mask was made of bush material: bamboos and seeds for framework, bark cloth, tree sap and berries for dyes, 250 cm. Good condition.

Price: € 3.500,-